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Matt Wallaert
Matt Wallaert
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Fortune 1000 companies can’t afford for employee volunteerism not to work, because when it does work, it is an effective solution to a $550B people problem that spans employee engagement, learning & development, and diversity, equity, and Inclusion initiatives. The inqli customer journey begins with a simple gift of volunteered time, and leads to an engaged, diverse, and inclusive corporate culture that cultivates talent, develops leadership, and builds an extended community. inqli’s AI-driven solution routes on-demand virtual, micro, and skills-based volunteer opportunities to our enterprise customers’ employees, tailored to their interests, skills, and experience. Employee engagement improves, as employee volunteerism leads employees to discover their unique contributions to the company, finding personal meaning in collective purpose as they virtually share their skills and experience with the community at large. Corporate learning and development targets are exceeded, as employees are pulled to reflect on their experience, articulate their skills, and share their curiosity...growing as leaders and mentors in their field of expertise. Measures of diversity, equity, and inclusion improve organization-wide, as a flood of diverse inquiries and insights pour into, and across, the organization, followed by an equally diverse wave of new employees. Our customer discovery interviews confirm that the demand for a solution that can deliver and scale the volunteerism trifecta (virtual, micro, skills-based) is even greater now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of the digitally-remote enterprise employee. inqli emerging community of learners eager to find their way one question at a time. inqli is...the answer to the question “Who needs my advice, support, and experience today?” inqli is...a market network of knowledge and experience, driven by positive network effects.

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